Auto Air Candy Pigment Colors - 4oz Bottles

4600 Series Concentrated – Reduce Candy Pigment 3:1 Auto Air 4012 / Wicked W500 High Performance Reducer.

Candy – Pigments are transparent colors used for mid-coats over 4100 or 4300 Series Colors or as airbrush color. Colors are pigment-based, transparent colors, not dye-based, minimizing bleeding. Candied effect observed after top-coat, gloss clear applied. Add 4501 Hot Rod sparkle White to any Candy – Pigment for pearl-flake candy color.

• Ultra-low V.O.C. compliant paint
• Permanent on metal, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, concrete and most non-porous surfaces
• Must be top-coated with a urethane clear for maximum permanence
• Auto Air Colors™ are the pioneer of water based custom automotive paints. Proven, durable and brilliant, Auto Air Colors develops it's products with the latest technologies and raw materials making auto air colors leaders in VOC compliant custom paints.
• Made in U.S.A.

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