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It's always exciting when paint is in the news! At least we think so. Check out this awesome video by Denver 7 and consider dropping by one of our showrooms to get a look at exclusive Benjamin Moore colors. Come talk with one of our in-house designers or one of our painting experts and get going on your exciting new home improvement project!

Check out the amazing Aura line while you're at it.


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6 Great Items For Safe Artwork Transportation

By: Aimee Lyons

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What is stippling?

Stippling is the creation of an image using small dots. Contrary to popular belief, it differs from pointillism and divisionism in that it is done in a single color and with uniform shapes, relying on the density of the dots to convey darkness and light. It was popularized as a means of print illustration because it can be easily replicated with only black ink, and is sometimes preferred to hatching (another popular form of two-dimensional shading using lines instead of dots) because it doesn’t inhibit the rendering of contours.


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If you’re looking for a sophisticated, reasonably-priced fountain pen that will give you an intimate writing and sketching experience without breaking the bank, Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens are a beautiful and affordable solution.