6 Great Items For Safe Artwork Transportation

6 Great Items For Safe Artwork Transportation

By: Aimee Lyons

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You’ve recently decided to move pieces of your artwork to another home, studio, or collection. You aren’t sure what items or carrying cases you’ll need to get through the process without experiencing a dreaded break.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the importance of finding the right equipment, rather than the actual process of moving. You can learn more about the general “dos” and “don’ts” of moving artwork through Diploma Frame.

These six items are great for moving your precious belongings:

  1. Soft Sided Art Portfolios

Soft sided art portfolios are designed for everyday use and movement. You can store your supplies, ongoing projects, and finished sketches in this case. You don’t want to use a soft sided art portfolio for a completed project. A completed painting or drawing should be framed, wrapped, and placed in a shipping container for the best results. You can learn more about the process through Coleman Allied.

This case can be placed in your vehicle or carried at your side. It doesn’t get more personal than that, improving your comfort during transportation.

  1. Plastic Shipping Cases

Plastic shipping cases are designed for large and completed paintings, drawings, and more. You don’t want to use a plastic shipping case for your supplies. Rather, you want to carefully place your finished artwork inside. These cases can be moved in a personal vehicle, but they will also be safe in a moving truck, assuming you’ve properly wrapped your piece and instructed your movers to be cautious.

  1. Canvas Carrying Cases

These carrying cases are quite large. They are built for both finished and unfinished paintings. Because they are less solid, canvas carrying cases should be used for personal transportation. You don’t want to place them in a moving truck or a large van. Rather, you should place a carrying case in your backseat or trunk for safekeeping. Canvas carrying cases aren’t built for crafts or supplies.

  1. Artwork Shippers

Maybe you don’t want to handle the actual transportation of your artwork. That’s completely fine. In these cases, you can use an artwork shipper to move your pieces from place to place. These shippers are safe and move-in ready. You can find them on a multitude of different websites, in a number of unique shapes and sizes. Choose a size that works for your piece. It’s always better to take measurements, rather than make an assumption that could lead to a damaged piece.

  1. Messenger Bags

These bags are designed for finished or unfinished projects - in addition to your supplies. Many crafters carry these bags with them everywhere they go. If your artwork is small enough (and strong enough), it can be placed in a messenger bag and travel by your side. However, if your artwork is larger than a square foot, it will need to be placed in a larger (and safer) vessel.

  1. Storage Tubes

Storage tubes are designed for artwork, not supplies. They are also designed for paintings or sketches that can be rolled up. Because of this, storage tubes are not generally designed for completed pieces - which should be framed, wrapped, and packed in a large box. Nervous about packing? Crown Relocations NZ offers a great tutorial on YouTube that will help get you through the process.

You can learn more about packing expensive artwork through Moving.com. If you plan on moving an entire studio or collection, you’ll need to conduct a fair amount of research first.

Moving your artwork can be scary - whether you made it or not. Consider each transportation option and choose the best for your unique situation. 

Author: Aimee Lyons

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