How-To: Pilot Varsity Fountain Pens

If you’re looking for a sophisticated, reasonably-priced fountain pen that will give you an intimate writing and sketching experience without breaking the bank, Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens are a beautiful and affordable solution. These classy, ergonomic pens are suitable for everyday use, and come in seven stylish colors: turquoise, pink, purple, green, red, blue, and black. The stainless-steel nibs streamline beautiful, smooth lines, and the visible reservoir lets you know how much ink remains. Best of all, they’re water soluble, which means they can create some fun and unique effects in your portrait, landscape, urban, or still life work.

Work on watercolor paper in order to use these pens to their full potential. The rich colors diffuse beautifully with water, and a medium-sized watercolor brush will carry your ink as far into a painting as you like. Use more water for increased dissemination of color, and less to better maintain the cohesion of your lines and keep the shading darker.

The Pilot Varsity will also write on damp paper, allowing for lovely blossoming effects, like wet-on-wet watercolor. Go back over dry artwork to redefine important line work, or leave it blurred for a hazy, nostalgic feel. Hatching works well with this technique: if you keep the lines tight enough, they will disappear into each other completely for clean, even planes of color. Think of them like bold watercolor pencils with even more diffusion!

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