Montana Gold Spray Paint

It’s that time of year for the Pinewood Derby! I have two boys, aged 9 and 11 (the older boy is running in “Open Class”), participating. For three years we have used a coping saw to carve out the cars. It is a real pain and I don’t know how little kids could possibly do this part on their own. My wife told me about the Home Depot in Highlands Ranch, CO that cuts the design for you with a band saw for no charge. What a difference!

This year we were getting close to the weigh-in deadline, and the boys and I were trying to think of some neat colors we could paint the cars with. I remembered that the Montana Spray cans had some cool colors, so I looked them up on my phone at to show the boys all of the color swatches available. Shock Green Light and Shock Orange were quickly chosen. Montana has tons of colors and different groupings of their colors (100% Colors, Shock Colors, Fluorescent Colors, Effect Colors, and regular Montana colors). The link is which has links to all of the other colors.

We have always spray painted the car, applied stickers, and then clear coated. Of course, they want to do multiple colors of paint, which I always say no way. Let’s keep the project as simple as possible. So on to the spray paint. We have used the cheap stuff…no brands mentioned. We even used some engine spray paint that was sitting around and had never been used.

I spent a few dollars more for the Montana spray paint as compared to the cheap stuff. So was it worth it? The first thing I noticed was that the spray is consistent, smooth, and even. Color is rich, covers excellent, and it matches the color on the can! The cap works great even after sitting over night. My 11 year old commented (after the car was dry) how great the car the felt and looked. The paint dries solid, smooth, and shiny. Montana Gold is a matte finish if you don’t lay it on thick, gloss if you do. It almost has a plastic/enamel feel to it. Maybe the smoothness of the paint contributes to aerodynamics, because they both won. Yes, it was worth it!

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