Spray Paint Style

Spray Paint Style
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By Tammy Adamson-McMullen
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Spray Paint Style

Spray Paint Style

Spray paint isn’t just for fix-ups!

By Tammy Adamson-McMullen

Spray paint is one of the greatest fixer-upper products in the decorating industry. With a simple can of spray paint, you can turn an item destined for the trash bin into something that looks new again. But this product isn’t just for fix-ups. It also can add a lot of color, style and pizzazz to your home spaces. Below are some ideas to help you transform everyday objects into works of art.

Colorful Furniture

You may have sprayed outdoor patio furniture to give it extra life, but indoor pieces can enjoy a spray-paint transformation, too.

Painted furniture has been popular for centuries and in modern times has enjoyed a resurgence, with social media sites like Pinterest suggesting creative ways to achieve it. True, you can always spray furniture in a solid color that works within your color scheme. But why not get a little inventive? Here are three ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Spray paint bed frames and dressers in a dominant hue from your color scheme, and bed spindles and dresser knobs in accent colors.
  2. Apply metallic spray paint to the top of an occasional table and a flat, matte, or satin finish to the legs, for a juxtaposition of both color and texture.
  3. Add pattern to a piece of furniture by using ready-made stencils, paper doilies or painter’s tape. For a more vivid look, spray the furniture piece in one color; once it’s dried, apply the stenciling medium, and then paint the piece again in another color. The first coating color will peek through once the stencil is removed. For a more subtle look, apply the two coats in the same color but in a different gloss finish.

Be aware that you may have to do some surface prep before spray-painting furniture, especially if the piece has heavy coats of stain or varnish. Discuss the project beforehand with your local paint and decorating retailer, who can guide you in the proper ways to proceed.

Stand-out Seating

You can dramatically update seating areas by changing the color of your chairs and bar stools. Spray paint is available in a wide range of colors, so there’s sure to be one that works with others in your scheme. Look around and see what colors might work—maybe one that matches an accent wall or painted cabinetry, or is pulled from a nearby wallpaper pattern or area rug.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, try to spray painting the legs of chairs or bar stools in a metallic hue and the stool in an accent color—or vice versa. The combination of color and metallics will make a statement and give your seating areas a touch of sophistication. Remember: If you don’t like the color you’ve chosen, you can simply spray paint over it!

Updated Hardware

Indoor and outdoor hardware pieces are perfect candidates for a spray-paint makeover. Hardware may seem inconsequential in the greater decorating scheme of things, but it can make or break the look of a space. Take a critical look at your plumbing fixtures, cabinetry pulls and handles, doorknobs and hinges, lighting fixtures, stair and porch railings, and other hardware to see if they could use a makeover. If so, it might be time to change their look altogether in a trending color and finish, such as matte black or antiqued brass.

A note of caution: Since hardware is repeatedly touched (like cabinet pulls) or in constant motion (like door hinges), be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the paint can, or talk with one of the Guiry’s paint experts for best results. And if the hardware is exposed to heat, select a spray paint that will withstand higher temperatures.

Plant Pots

Household plants are a big story in home decorating and one that is expected to grow (excuse the pun) in 2020. Chances are you have a few household plants sitting around your home—and possibly in pots that could use an update. Rather than buying new, why not make the pots sparkle? Of course, you can spray paint the pots in whatever color and finish you wish, but metallics really make a plant shine. You can add metallic finishes to just about any material imaginable—terra cotta, plastic, wicker, wood, and so on—to beautiful results.


Spray paint isn’t only for hard surfaces. You can also spray paint fabrics. Outdoor pillows are especially well-suited for spray paint and can help you get another season out of pillows that have been faded by Mother Nature. If you decide to try your hand at this, use a series of very light coats or, better yet, use a spray paint specifically designed for fabrics. This will help the fabrics avoid “crackling” over time with repeated use.

An easy yet stunning way to use spray paint on fabric is to create canvas artwork. As described on simplyrealmoms.com. in a blog called “DIY Spray Paint Flower Art—Easy and Cheap,” simply lay a canvas flat and lay sprigs of leaves or flowers on top. Then, while holding the floral in place, spray paint whatever color you desire onto the canvas. (Be sure to wear gloves for this treatment.) Once the florals are removed, the image remains.

As for other ideas? Check out social media sites to see what others have created with spray paint—and then put your own spin on these creations.

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