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Glossary beginning with E

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Earth Colors search for term

Pigments, such as yellow ochre and umber, that are obtained by mining.

Earthenware search for term

Pottery or other objects made from fired clay that is porous and permeable. Fired at low temperatures, earthenware may be both glazed or unglazed, and is often colored with earth tones.

Easel search for term

An upright support used for displaying or supporting a painting during or after completion.

Ebony Pencil search for term

A drawing pencil that features a thick core of graphite formulated to be very black and smooth and capable of a wide tonal range.

Efflorescence search for term

A formation of white crusty crystals that result from moisture penetrating painted walls.

Egbert search for term

A flat brush with a domed end. Allows for good coverage and some detail work. Similar to a filbert brush, but longer.

Egg Tempera search for term

A watercolor medium used for permanent, fine works.

Eggshell search for term

The level of gloss between semigloss and flat.

Electrostatic search for term

Relating to stationary electric charges or fields as opposed to electric currents.

Emboss search for term

To raise a design or relief on a flat surface.

Embossed search for term

A raised design or relief on a flat surface.

Embossing search for term

Raising a design or relief on a flat surface.

Embroidery search for term

Stitching and needlework used to ornament or embellish a piece of fabric.

Emulsifier search for term

A substance that helps an emulsion form, or keeps one from seperating.

Emulsion search for term

A fine dispersion of one liquid into another in which it is not soluble or miscible.

Emulsion Paint search for term

Coating in which resins are suspended in water and then flow together with the aid of an emulsifier

En Plein Air search for term

A technique of painting done outdoors in front of the subject. French for "in the open air."

Enamel search for term

A protective or decorative coating made from silica that has been heated in a kiln or furnace and fused onto metal, glass, or ceramicware. Often applied by a paste.

Enamels search for term

Protective or decorative coatings made from silica that have been heated in a kiln or furnace and fused onto metal, glass, or ceramicware. Often applied by a paste.

Encaustic search for term

An ancient painting technique in which the binder is melted wax. Greek for "to burn in."

Engobo search for term

A white or colored clay slip coating applied to a ceramic body to give it decorative color or improved texture.

Engraving search for term

A method of cutting or incising a design into a material with a sharp tool called a graver. Also refers to a print created in such a manner.

Eraser search for term

A tool used to remove parts of a drawing.

Erasure search for term

Removal by rubbing, blotting, wiping, or scraping.

Erosion search for term

The wearing away of something by exposure to the weather.

Etch search for term

The process of chemically treating a material for corrosion resistance and adhesion of a primer; to remove rust.

Etching search for term

A printing technique in which an etching needle is used to draw into a wax ground applied over a metal plate. The plate is then submurged in a series of acid baths, which wear at the metal surface that has been scratched away with the needle. The ground is removed and ink is forced into the depressions, then printed. Also a term used for both the design etched and the impression made from the plate. Often confused with engraving.

Etching Primer search for term

A primer which contains an acid that etches the substrate and applies a primer to protect against corrosion.

Evaporation Rate search for term

The time required for a given amount of a material to evaporate compared with the time required to evaporate the same amount of a known material.

Exothermic search for term

A material which gives off heat as it cures.

Exposure Test search for term

A preliminary and practical method of testing and evaluating a protective coating under conditions similar to those to which the film ultimately will be subjected.

Exquisite Corpse search for term

A technique for producing artwork devised by surrealists in which several people collaborate independently in creating a text or an image in the form of a game, with none of the participants knowing what the others are adding to the whole. The product of this activity is called an exquisite corpse.

Extender search for term

Material used to increase the bulk of a medium or the act of adding such a material.

Extenders search for term

Material used to increase the bulk of a medium or the act of adding such a material.

Extrude search for term

To form a shape by forcing it through a die. Sometimes used to mean that something stands out from its base.

Eyedropper search for term

A tool often used in the mixing and application of small amounts of liquids, such as dyes.