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Glossary beginning with G

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G-Clamp search for term

A rounded metal clamp used to squeeze materials together by adjusting a screw thread.

Galvanize search for term

A process by which steel is coated with zinc to prevent rusting.

Gantry search for term

A heavy wooden frame used to lift heavy objects such as sculptures. Related to cranes and scaffolds.

Garland search for term

A decorative wreath or cord used at festive occasions that can be hung around a person's neck or on inanimate objects like Christmas trees and doors. Was originally made of flowers or leaves, but is now usually synthetic.

Garland Border search for term

A traditional painted border that depicts various leaves, fruits, and flowers.

Gassing search for term

The in-can formation of a gaseous product in coating materials due to the reaction between two or more constituents of the coating material or the metal of the container itself.

Gauge search for term

A certain unit of measure, or the act of measuring. Often refers to either the measure of thickness of a sheet of metal or of the thickness of wire.

Gel Crayon search for term

A type of water-soluble crayon that can be used in crayon form, similar to a pigment cake or watercolor paints.

Gel Pen search for term

A pen that uses an ink in which the pigment is suspended in a water-based gel.

Gelatin search for term

A material made from animal glue that is flexible when warm and was once used for mold-making, but has been supplanted by latex, silicons, and polyurethanes.

Gem search for term

A precious or semiprecious stone of any kind, especially when cut and polished for ornaments.

General to Particular search for term

A general rule of thumb for all compositions, meaning that the artist should start with the most general shapes and objects in the composition, then move on to specific areas as work on the piece progresses.

Gesso search for term

A usually white ground used to prepare rigid supports for painting that contains chalk, white pigment, and glue.

Gesso Brush search for term

A large, flat brush designed to hold a large amount of gesso.

Gesture Drawing search for term

A quick technique of making a sketch that involves loose arm movements rather than small, contained movements. Commonly used as a warm-up practice.

Ghosting search for term

A non-uniform sheen of paint resulting in a shadowed effect. Usually caused by a lack of or poor-quality primers or sealers.

Giclée search for term

A digitally-produced fine art print.

Gilding search for term

The act of applying gold leaf.

Gilt search for term

Describes a surface given a coating of gold.

Glair search for term

A varnish for tempera paints created by mixing the remaining egg whites with water and then beating them.

Glass Cutter search for term

A pencil-shaped metal tool with a wheel-shaped cutter on one end that is used to score glass or ceramic tiles.

Glass Fiber search for term

A light but durable sculpture material used to reinforce resin and hollow cast concrete.

Glass Muller search for term

A device used to grind paint by hand and coat the dry pigment in medium. The base of the muller is sandblasted and slightly curved.

Glassine search for term

A glossy, transparent paper.

Glaze search for term

A very thin, transparent colored paint applied over a previously painted surface to alter the appearance and color of the surface.

Glazing search for term

A very thin, transparent colored paint applied over a previously painted surface to alter the appearance and color of the surface, or the act of applying such a coating.

Glitter search for term

Very small pieces of light-reflecting decorative material, usually foil, that are oftentimes suspended in an inert binder.

Gloss search for term

Surfaces which are lustrous, shiny, and extra smooth.

Gloss Meter search for term

A device for measuring the light reflectivity of coatings. Different brands with the same description may have different ratings on the gloss meter.

Glossy search for term

Surfaces which are lustrous, shiny, and extra smooth.

Glue search for term

Usually refers to animal glue, an adhesive that is created by boiling down animal connective tissue. Glue can also be used as a generic term for any type of adhesive.

Glue Gun search for term

A hand-held, pistol-like device that heats a round stick of solid adhesive glue to a melting point. Once the user pulls the trigger, the melted glue is forced out of the nozzle.

Glue Size search for term

Size crystals or powder mixed with water produce a gelatinous solution which forms the binder for gesso. Added to plaster, it slows drying time.

Glutinous search for term

Of the nature of glue; sticky, viscid, and adhesive.

Gold Leaf search for term

An extremely thin foil made of gold that is available in multiple colors that are made by applying different metals into the alloy.

Golden Mean search for term

The middle between two extremes, as defined by the philosopher Aristotle.

Golden Ratio search for term

Refers to a geometric proportion devised to give the most pleasing composition. Divided so that the smaller part is to the larger part as the larger part is to the whole.

Golden Sable search for term

A synthetic sable brush made of various polymers, commonly nylon, and pointed at the tip. Often described as having a lot of spring and a light amount of absorbency.

Gouache search for term

A paint, similar to watercolor, that is designed to be used in an opaque method. Appears less wet and is more strongly colored than ordinary watercolor.

Gouge search for term

A beveled chisel with a rounded, trough-like cutting edge used, generally, for carving wood. Numerous types exist, many being designed to be pushed by hand rather than struck by a mallet.

Gradated Wash search for term

A painting technique typically used with watercolors or inks that involves a light wash that gradually becomes darker or heavier.

Gradation search for term

Generally a gradual, smoothly nuanced change from dark to light values, but can also refer to a gradual change from one hue to another, a gradual change of textures, or even a change of shape or form.

Graffito search for term

A technique in which the surface layer is cut away or scratched off in order to reveal the surface beneath. Typically used with strongly contrasting colors or tones.

Grain Checking search for term

Checking of a paint coat parallel to the grain of the wood.

Grain Direction search for term

The direction in which a majority of the fibers lay in a sheet of paper.

Grain Raise search for term

Swelling and standing up of the wood grain caused by absorbed water or solvents.

Grain Raising search for term

Swelling and standing up of the wood grain caused by absorbed water or solvents.

Graininess search for term

The objectionable appearance of a pimply film due to aggregations of pigments which can usually be detected with a microscope.

Graining search for term

Simulating the grain of wood by means of specially prepared colors or stains and the use of graining tools or special brushing techniques.

Granulate search for term

A material which replicates texture to make a surface rough and grainy.

Graphite search for term

A soft, black mineral form of carbon available in powder and stick form. Most commonly mixed with fine clay and pressed down into "lead" pencils, which usually contain graphite, but no lead.

Graver search for term

A tool used in engraving metal plates and in carving stones that has a knobby wooden handle and a sharp metal rod with a beveled point.

Gray Scale search for term

A term used to describe an image containing shades of gray, black, and white; or the range of gray, neutral values within an image.

Gray Silicone Carbide search for term

A sandpaper which contains zinc stearate in order to make it easier to sand finishes without using an additional lubricant.

Grayness search for term

The amount of black or white in a specific color.

Grid search for term

A framework or pattern of criss-crossed parallel lines.

Grind search for term

To pulverize or reduce to powder by friction, especially by rubbing between two hard surfaces.

Grip Coat search for term

A film or coating material which enhances the adhesion of a subsequent film of another material.

Grisaille search for term

A painting technique where the painting is executed entirely in one color or near one color, usually in shades of gray.

Grit search for term

A measure of the roughness of an abrasive paper. The lower the figure, the coarser the paper.

Grit Blasting search for term

Abrasive blasting using grit as the blasting media.

Grog search for term

Clay which has been fired and ground into fine granules. Used as an ingredient in a clay body or as a base on which clay is worked or fired, which allows the form to contract as it dries.

Grommet search for term

An eyelet placed in a hole in a sheet or panel to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it or to prevent tearing.

Grommets search for term

Eyelets placed in a hole in a sheet or panel to protect or insulate ropes or cables passed through it or to prevent tearing.

Ground search for term

A coating material, usually white, applied to a support to make it ready for paint.

Ground Coat search for term

The first coat applied before anything else. Sometimes refers to the first coat that is applied after the primer instead of the primer coat itself.

Grout search for term

Generally a mixture of water, cement, sand, a color tint, and a fine gravel, grout is applied as a thick emulsion that hardens over time and creates a waterproof seal. It is used in construction to connect concrete, fill voids, seal joints, or to connect tiles together and hold them in place.

GSM search for term

Grams Per Square Meter; a measure of the hypothetical weight of a square meter of a type of paper.

Guide Coat search for term

A mist coat of a different color, usually primer, that aids in getting a panel sanded straight; a dry contrasting color applied prior to sanding that remains in the low areas and imperfections during the sanding process.

Guillotine search for term

A cutting apparatus with a heavy, movable blade, usually worked by lever or by foot pedal. Designed to produce easy, straight cuts through paper, sheet metal, or various other materials.

Gum search for term

A plant substance that is soluble in water.

Gum Arabic search for term

A gum extrated from acacia trees that is used as a medium for watercolor paints.

Gusset search for term

A piece of material sewn into a garment to strengthen or enlarge a part of it, such as the collar of a shirt or the crotch of an undergarment.

Gypsum search for term

Calcium sulfate dihydrate; a natural substance that, when heated, forms Plaster of Paris

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