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Glossary beginning with J

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Jelled search for term

Thickening of paint to an unusable form due to drying or curing before being used.

Jewelry search for term

An artwork which consists of the usage of fine gems and ornaments set inside other objects. Intended to be worn on the body. Typically made of precious metals.

Joiner search for term

A woodworking tool used to join two pieces of wood together by cutting out a small, semi-circular hole into two objects, into which a "biscuit" can be placed and covered in glue or other adhesive.

Joint Cement search for term

Cement used for drywall construction. Also used as a bedding compound for joint tape or as a filler for nail holes.

Joint Tape search for term

Special paper or paper-faced cotton tape designed for use over joints between wallboards to conceal the joint and provide a smooth surface to paint upon.

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