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Glossary beginning with K

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Kaolin search for term

A fine, soft white clay, resulting from the natural decomposition of other clays or feldspar. Used for making porcelain and china, as a filler in paper and textiles, and in medicinal absorbents.

KCMA search for term

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association: a non-profit organization that represents companies that manufacture kitchen, bath, or other residential cabinets and key industry suppliers. Also provides standards and requirements for the specifications of cabinets to manufacturers.

Kelvin search for term

An absolute unit of temperature often used in photography as a measure of the color temperature of a light source.

Key search for term

Used to describe the prevailing tone of a painting; a work in which there is more light than shadow is said to be in "high key," while a work with more shadow than light is said to be a "low key" work. In contemporary mural painting, the key is the end result of scratching a wall's surface to prepare for a final layer of plaster.

Key Coat search for term

A film or coating material which enhances the adhesion of a subsequent film of another material.

Kick-Out search for term

Precipitation of a dissolved binder from a solution as a result of solvent incompatability. Can be caused by improper mixing or adding the flow control component too quickly to the mixed system.

Kickwheel search for term

A potter's wheel turned by kicking a revolving cement disk.

Kiln search for term

A special oven or furnace that can reach very high temperatures and is used to fire clay. May be electric, gas, or wood-fired.

Kiss of Death search for term

A specific way for a paintbrush to meet its end. Occurs when a brush is left unattended to rest on its bristles for a long period of time, leaving them permanently bent.

Kneaded Eraser search for term

An eraser that can be manipulated into any shape in order to remove pencil and many other marks cleanly.

Knitting search for term

A method by which therad or yarn is used to create a cloth, textile, article of clothing, etc.

Kolinsky Sable search for term

Fur of the Asian Mink which are used to make the finest brushes on the market, the finest varieties of which come from colder climates such as the desolate tundra of Siberia.

Kozo search for term

A thin, strong paper made from the kozo plant that is most commonly used in the mending of books.

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