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Glossary beginning with N

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Nacreous search for term

Exhibiting the lustre or rainbow-like colors of mother-of-pearl.

Nailhead Rusting search for term

Rust from iron nails that penetrates or bleeds through the coating and stains the surrounding areas.

Nap search for term

The length of fibers in a paint roller cover.

Naphtha search for term

A petroleum distallate used mostly by professional painters for cleanup and to thin solvent-based coatings. A volatile organic compound.

Natural Resins search for term

Resins from trees, plants, fish, and insects such as damars or copals.

Negative Space search for term

Empty space in an artwork.

Neon search for term

An especially bright, clean set of colors that contain certain dyes and resins which can be much brighter than conventional colors and have the unique effect of "glowing" under ultraviolet or black light. Commonly used for traffic cones, detergent packaging, tennis balls, fishing lures, etc.

Neutral search for term

A color not associated with a hue, which include browns, blacks, grays, and whites. A hue can be neutralized by adding the direct complement.

New Media search for term

Refers to interdisciplinary works of art utilizing recently developed electronic media or other combinations of materials. Includes work that takes advantage of what is possible with new develoments in technologies and pigments.

Newsprint search for term

The type of paper on which newspapers are typically printed. An incredibly inexpensive paper that is popular for use by students and for making sketches. Should not be considered permanent.

Nib search for term

The point of a pen through which ink flows in order to make marks.

NIOSH search for term

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health; the federal agency responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness.

Nitric Acid search for term

A mineral acid used as an oxidizing agent in etching.

Nitrocellulose Lacquer search for term

Lacquer whose resin is formed with cellulose, a natural resin made from cotton.

Non-Photochemically Reactive search for term

Solvents which do not react with sunlight to cause ozone or smog.

Non-Volatile search for term

The portion of a coating left after the solvent evaporates; sometimes called the solids content.

Nylon search for term

A type of polymer produced by a chemical process that is capable of being pulled into fibers commonly made into such materials as fabrics and cords that are noted for their strength and elasticity.

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