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Glossary beginning with O

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Oaktag search for term

A thin but stiff cardboard used for typical manilla file-folders.

Obtuse Angle search for term

An angle greater than 90 degrees but less than 180.

Occlude search for term

To close to a tight fit, like pieces of a puzzle, or a lid onto a jar.

OEM search for term

Original Equipment Manufacturer; Refers to the company that originally created a product.

Offset Printing search for term

The printing process in which an inked image is transferred to a smooth rubber cylinder and then to the paper.

Oil Paint search for term

A slow drying paint made with pigments mixed into an oil. Oil paints are usually opaque and traditionally used on a canvas. They can have a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish.

Oil Pastel search for term

A painting or drawing medium that is similar to pastels and wax crayons but made with a non-drying oil and wax binder instead of a gum binder, and are usually less powdery but more difficult to preserve with a fixative.

Oilbar search for term

A solid stick of oil paint with the same properties as traditional oils except they are solidified with wax.

Oleoresin search for term

A natural plant product that contains oil and resins such as turpentine.

One Stroke search for term

A flat, square ended, medium to long length paintbrush with a large water carrying capacity that is intended to block in shapes an letters with a single stroke.

Opacifier search for term

A substance added to a material in order to make it opaque, or hard to see through.

Opacifiers search for term

A substance added to a material in order to make it opaque, or hard to see through.

Opacity search for term

The quality of being opaque. In painting it is the power of a pigment to cover or obscure the surface beneath it.

Opalescence search for term

A lustrous rainbowlike brightness and range of colors such as an oil slick but upon a base of whiteness.

Opaque search for term

Something that cannot be seen through.

Open Time search for term

Period of time during which the coating application remains re-brushable.

Orange Peel search for term

A texture in a dried film that resembles the peel of an orange and is usually indesirable. Caused by improper reduction or application.

Origami search for term

The traditional Japanese art of paper folding, the goal of which is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculptural work through folding and sculpting techniques, and without the use of cuts or glue.

Ornament search for term

An ornament is something decorative that adorns or embellishes.

Outline search for term

A diagram or silhouette made with one line defining the perimeter of a form.

Outline Pen search for term

A heavily pigmented pen type that is used for outlining structural drawings or for providing the final inking layer of a comic.

Outliner search for term

A type of pigment that is used in stained glass for creating the leading, or the lines that separate different colors from each other.

Over Spray search for term

Paint which, during application, stuck or fell onto unintended areas.

Overglaze search for term

A thin glaze added as a final step to a decorative finish, it can be the original glaze thinned somewhat or a new, thinner glaze in another color.

Overgrainer search for term

Long, flat-bristled brushes used to apply paint detail, generally on dry, previously grained surfaces.

Overpainting search for term

A finishing layer of paint applied over another layer once it has dried.

Overspray search for term

Excess paint or other liquid that spreads or blows beyond the intended area to be sprayed.

Ox Gall search for term

A waterless oil and water soluble brown liquid that is the bile taken from the gall bladder of a cow and used in watercolors, engraving, marbling, and in lithography as a wetting agent to improve water's ability to penetrate and be absorbed.

Ox Hair search for term

A type of brush with light ox hair that has been dyed to resemble red sable. Has a springiness similar to sable but with an incredibly blunt tip that has difficulties forming a fine point or a fine edge.

Oxidation Firing search for term

A glazing technique in which additional oxygen is pumped into a kiln while firing.

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