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Glossary beginning with R

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Rabbet search for term

A step-shaped recess cut along the edge or in the face of a piece of wood, typically forming a match to the edge or tongue of another piece.

Rabbets search for term

A step-shaped recess cut along the edge or in the face of a piece of wood, typically forming a match to the edge or tongue of another piece.

Rabbit Ears search for term

A spray pattern that often occurs with an airless sprayer that is characterized by an edge of the pattern that separates to form a single stream.

Radial search for term

A form of symmetry where objects "radiate" from the center and are in perfect symmetry with each other, similar to the way slices of a pizza are all symmetrical to the other pieces.

Rag Rolling search for term

A painting technique where a loosely wound rage Is wrapped around a paint roller and rolled loosely across a glazed surface to create a repetitive pattern.

Ragging search for term

A painting technique that uses a crumbled piece of cloth to apply or remove small amounts of wet paint to create a pattern.

Rain Spot search for term

Defects on a paint film caused by raindrops, which contain small amounts of mineral substances.

Random Orientation search for term

The dispersion of metallic or mica flakes with no specific pattern.

Rasp search for term

A file which has both a toothed surface and a perforated.

Raw Canvas search for term

Canvas that has not been primed, sized, or otherwize prepared beforehand for painting

Rayon search for term

A textile fiber or fabric made from regenerated cellulose.

Reaction Test search for term

A test used to predetermine the effect that an adhesive, cleaning solution, or wallpaper-removing solution may or may not have on a specific wallpaper or wall surface.

Ream search for term

500 sheets of paper.

Reamalgamated Finish search for term

A previously alligatored or roughened finish that has been made level by rubbing the surface with solvent that melts the finish and allows it to reset.

Receding search for term

Something which gives the illusion of withdrawing into the distance.

Recoatability search for term

The ability of a fully-dried film of a coating to accept a susbsequent coat of the same or similar material without adverse effect.

Recycled Paper search for term

Paper made from pre and post consumer waste which is then cooked in chemicals, de-inked and reduced back to the original pulp state which is then used to manufacture new paper.

Red Label search for term

A type of good that is flammable or explosive and has a flash point below 100 degrees Farenheit.

Red Sable search for term

A large category of brushes which may include some kolinsky hair and other weasel hairs which are not always red. Red sable hair has slightly less spring, is a little stiffer, and have tips that are a little bit blunter than kolinsky brushes.

Reducer search for term

A solvent used to lower the viscosity of an enamel or urethane.

Reduction search for term

Typically means less of something, but can also specifically refer to a method of producing greater depth of color on a clay body by firing ceramics with reduced oxygen.

Refill Ink search for term

Ink that is specifically designed to be used as a refill in various types of pens.

Refinish search for term

The act of replacing or repairing a painted or stained surface, usually undercoat and topcoat.

Reflow search for term

The act of adding head to such a degree to cause the paint to melt and once again become a liquid.

Refraction search for term

The change in direction of light due to a change in it's medium.

Refractive Index search for term

The ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed in a given substance.

Refractory search for term

Resistant to high temperatures.

Release Agent search for term

A substance applied to the inside surfaces of a mold to prevent the casting from adhering to the mold.

Relief search for term

An object or form that projects from the background, typically divided into three degrees, high relief in which the form stands clearly seperated from the background, low relief in which there is a slight raise from the background, and sunken in which the backgrounds are not cut and the figure recedes into the background.

Render search for term

To represent in a drawing, painting, or other technique, or to create an interpretation of another artist's work.

Resin search for term

A term for a wide variety of more or less transparent, fusibile materials. The term is used to designate several polymer that is a binder for paints and plastics.

Resist search for term

A substance which protects a surface from receiving paints, inks, or dyes. Wax is a common resist for batik.

Respirator search for term

A filter device with a replacable cartridge worn over the nose and mouth to remove irritants from the air.

Retarder search for term

An additive for many binders and mediums which intends to slow drying time.

Reticulated search for term

Patterned, often in a net-like design.

Retractable search for term

Able to be pulled backward or inside something larger.

Rice Paper search for term

A common misnomer used for Oriental papers. No papers made from rice exist, but rice starch was traditionally used to size papers made of Kozo, Gampi, or Mitsumata.

Riffler search for term

A fine, small, usually double-edged and often rounded rasp. The riffler is used in delicate shaping nad finishing of a carving.

Rigger search for term

Round brushes with longish hairs traditionally used for painting the rigging in paintings of ships. They are incredibly well suited for fine lines and versatile details.

Roll search for term

A cylindrical mass of a flexible material that has been rolled upon itself over and over again without folding, such as paper, canvas, or other texiles.

Roller search for term

A paint application toll that involves a rolling cylinder covered with an absorbent plastic.

Roller Ball Pen search for term

A good pen for sketching, these are the standard pen found on desktops across the globe. Various types have been made throughout the years but the basic action of a viscous ink from an internal reservour being released through the rolling action of a tiny metal ball remains the same. Several lines of ballpoints that use archival quality ink do exist.

Roller Cover search for term

A tubular shaped cover which is usually made of a cardboard tube and some sort of adhesive textile or fibers which is used to roll paint around the outside of an object.

Ropiness search for term

Occurs when paint dries into a stringy look because of incorrect surface flow.

Rosin search for term

Natural resin obtained from living pine trees or from dead tree stumps and knots.

Rotary Disk Sander search for term

A hand-held machine with an abrasive sanding disk attached that is used to remove large areas of paint on a flat surface.

Rottenstone search for term

A fine powder abrasive made by crushing decomposed limestone and used as a fine finishing polish.

Rough search for term

A heavily textured material surface.

Round search for term

Most times refers to having a circular shape, but can in particular refer to a type of brush with round, full bristles that are designed to form a fine point at the tip.

Router search for term

A power tool that is shaped like a cannister and has a bit protruding from the bottom and is used to do such things as making grooves, dadoes, and rabbets.

Rubber Cement search for term

An adhesive made from elastic polymers mixed in a solvent such as acetone, hexane, heptane, or toluene to keep them from drying prematurely.

Rubber Cements search for term

An adhesive made from elastic polymers mixed in a solvent such as acetone, hexane, heptane, or toluene to keep them from drying prematurely.

Rubber-Tip Tools search for term

A rubber-tipped tool that is used to lift or blend paint, draw lines, sgraffito, and draw contours in paint.

Rule of Compensation search for term

A guideline for balancing a composition that states that the bigger mass an object has, the closer to the center it should be, and the smaller the mass, the more towards the edge.

Ruler search for term

An instrument used to measure distances or to rule straight lines and is usually also a straightedge.

Run search for term

Excessive amount of coating that fails to adhere uniformly and flows unevenly into a small area.

Runs search for term

Excessive amount of coating that fails to adhere uniformly and flows unevenly into a small area.

Rust Preventative search for term

A coat of paint designed to prevent rust and almost always being the first.

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