Guiry's Oval Extra Firm Wall Brushes

Guiry's Oval Brushes hold more paint and are designed for use with latex or oil paints. PBT is a nylon quality filament, yet finer and more compliant. Solid, round and easily tapered (SRT), this shape is best for "wicking", or allowing the paint to travel quickly down the filament to the surface. An "acid dipping" process provides flagging at the tip for the best coverage and transfer of paint to the surface. PET is added to our PBT to strengthen and increase performance. Resilient to any material, our PET is also solid, round and tapered for the best performance.

• For all painting applications
• Product Materials: PBT/PET Blend
• Style: Wall
• Handle Type: Beavertail
• Ferrule Type: Semi-Oval, Stainless Steel