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Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Modern Masters Metallic Paints

The Metallic Paint Collection consists of unique, non-tarnishing colors made with real metal particles. Pearlescent pigments and traditional color pigments are uniquely combined to create a palette of beautiful, shimmering colors. Coverage Characteristics: Colors in the Metallic Paint Collection contain three levels of coverage/hide: Opaque, Semi-Opaque and Sheer. Opaque colors have excellent hide; two coats are recommended for best results. Semi-Opaque colors have good hide; three coats are recommended for best results. Sheer colors are translucent overcoats that when viewed from various angles flash color and/or give luster to traditional paints, other Metallic Paint colors or faux finishes/broken color.

• Water base
• Interior/Exterior
• Intermixable
• LEED EQ Credit 4.2
• Low VOC non-flat Paints
• Coverage: 320-400 sq. ft./gallon
• Made in U.S.A.

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