Prismacolor Premier Verithin 36 Colored Pencils Set

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Verithin Pencils consist of hard, thin leads that make an impact on the more intricate details of your vision. These high-quality pencils make edges cleaner, outlines bolder and lettering pristine with extremely fine points that define a unique point of view. The hard, thin cores can be sharpened to a fine point. Verithin Pencils contain high-quality pigments for rich color saturation. Colors include: Lemon Yellow VT 735-1/2, Canary Yellow VT 735, Spanish Orange VT 736, Goldenrod VT 755, Orange VT 737, Pale Vermilion VT 750, Pumpkin Orange VT 736-1/2, Poppy Red VT 744, Crimson Red VT 745, Magenta VT 759, Process Red VT 743-1/2, Deco Pink VT 743, Light Peach VT 757, Dahlia Purple VT 752, Parma Violet VT 742-1/2, Violet VT 742, Violet Blue VT 760, Ultramarine VT 740, True Blue VT 758, Cerulean Blue VT 741-1/2, Peacock Blue VT 740-1/2, Indigo Blue VT 741, Non-Photo Blue VT 761-1/2, Aquamarine VT 737-1/2, Apple Green VT 738-1/2, True Green VT 751, Grass Green VT 738, Olive Green VT 739-1/2, Peacock Green VT 739, Terra Cotta VT 745-1/2, Tuscan Red VT 746-1/2, Dark Umber VT 756, Dark Brown VT 746, Warm Grey 20% VT 734-1/2, Cool Grey 70% VT 747-1/2, and White VT 734
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